Saturday, January 16, 2010

He's right, he does.

Ropin' and ridin' was on the calendar for today. We took a drive out of town about an hour and another 15 minutes down a dirt road and ended up at a free range cattle ranch for the owner's, our friend, 40th birthday. JB fell asleep, thankfully, on the way down and when the dirt road started taking us for a ride, he woke up with the biggest grin of excitement. That's our boy, he definitely keeps us busy. This boy has no idea he is two, he will take on his 13 year old brother without a thought. He doesn't understand why he can't carry the gallon bottles of milk or help move the couch. When one of his older siblings are being reprimanded, he is right there repeating the parent's words. So, sitting upon an animal 50 times his size, piece of cake. Standing next to a six foot tall man he waits his turn to hold the lasso in his tiny little hands. When it came to handling the branding iron, I am thankful, JB allowed his big brother to do the captaining. A child like that keeps you on your toes. This boy has no fear, except when it comes to automatic flushing toilets. I think he said it best when he looked at me and spoke these words, "Mom, I make you tired." He's right, he does.

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