Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I saw a man...

As I was driving down the road I saw a man walking with his back toward me. I don't know what reminded me of him, my Dad didn't make it a habit to walk down the streets of my town. The clothes were not anything like he would wear. There wasn't a way to this man's gait that resembled that of my father's. It was just a thought, I won't see him walking, anywhere. I miss him.

But, I get to see him every day, in some way, through my children and not only those I gave birth to. Without knowing, or even understanding, each one of them honor him as they live their lives. Some emanate my father through their poetry. Some remember him through their stories. Our youngest son still prays for him. When they notice rocks or the geological terrain, they honor him. When they paddle a kayak or play football, they honor him. Day by day, I see him. I hope, in time, they too will see that my Dad lives within each one of them.

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