Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am truly blessed.

There is a beautiful young woman in my life, in whom I see my Saviour's work every time I am with her. She has lived a life no one wants for their little girl, but she had no other options. The things she has witnessed can only be comparable to what I have seen on TV and in the movies, but she is sweet and even naive at times. The person she was, I would have literally crossed the street to avoid any contact with, but I love her. My children love her and she loves them, after all, she has given birth to three of them.
The mother of my children is what I call her and that is how she introduces me. What my Lord has done in our lives is amazing. I have not heard of a foster care experience that measures up to ours. What more can an adoptive mother ask for but some one who knows the biological history of her children. What more can anyone ask for than to watch the metamorphosis of a life from something that would make you cringe into something that makes you cry. I am truly blessed and I hope she knows.

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