Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I need to listen to them.

Ladies' Prayer was on the calendar for this morning, so my mind was on my Lord and all He has done for me. Many of those things I have written about previously, many I will be writing about in the future, and many, I will not post via my laptop or any other computer for that matter. Some have happened and are permanently ingrained in my mind. Some have been stored in my memory only to be brought forward at the perfect time. Some (many I am sure) have happened and have been forgotten, never to be thought of again. I am glad God does not expect me to keep a record of everything He has done for me.
I have to say, if I were in His position, I wouldn't be so gracious. For example, as I have written about, AG has had difficulty with kind words towards her brothers and sisters. We adhered to the old adage, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." This morning, daughter number 2, finally chose shed compliments on her siblings. My heart was so used to giving her consequences, I had to consciously remember to praise her instead of reprimand her. God is not that way, He longs to forgive us and praise us. At the same time He helps us to grow, to become men, women, boys, and girls in whom He can be proud of. He gives us every chance along the way to choose the right path. When we go our own way, He provides a way back. There is always an "escape hatch" from sin, always an opportunity to turn around and go the other direction. I am thankful for His patience with me. In turn, I need to share the same patience with those in my life, whether they are dear to me or some one whose name I don't know.
It's ironic, when I sat to write this message, my head had me going in a very different direction. Instead, my heart was lead to these thoughts. I needed to think them. I needed to read them. I need to listen to them them.
Now, I am off to fold laundry.

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