Monday, January 4, 2010

Time to Breathe

I don't remember a day when I felt so accomplished so early in the morning. By 10 this morning I had vacuumed, washed, dried and folded 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen counters, loaded the dishwasher, had dinner ready for the oven and had JG's developmental specialist here for an hour. I did all of this with a 16 month old, a two year old and a sick six year old at home. It helped that dear hubby took the older three to school this morning. I posted my pleasure on one of those social networking sites when a friend decided that the last time I experienced such a euphoric moment must have been around four years ago, when we only had two children.
Yes, we actually went from two to six children in a matter of two and a half years. I think I am just now recovering from the tidal wave that hit my life. It was five years ago around this time, that I mentioned the desire I had to do foster care. I had spoken of it a few times during the prior couple of years and boy was I surprised when my husband answered, "I think I could do that." We began to pray and felt God was overwhelmingly confirming this new direction for our lives. We asked EB and EG to pray about it also, telling them we would have some hard kids come into our home, we would love them, and cry when those children left. We new our children would sacrifice the most, sharing toys, their rooms, as well as their parents. After a few days they both joined us on the "foster care bandwagon". Many things happened that year that had us almost afraid of not taking on this challenge. It was undeniable that we were to open our home to children we had no idea where from.
Twelve months passed when along come AB and AG, our first foster kids. After the next two weeks, we offered our home to them forever. The adoption was towards the end of that year and early the next year we found out their half brother was born and due to be removed also. We welcomed JB into our family when he was only five days old. A year went by and we were looking forward to finalizing his position in our family when we found out we were pregnant. JG was born three months after JB's adoption.
There, that is just the skeleton of our lives and the reason I have jumped on the blogging train. Honestly, it has been a whirlwind and I can not remember half of our adventure. If any of you do, please feel free to share on this blog.
So, yes, I feel accomplished today and thankful for the crazy roller coaster our Lord has put our family on.

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