Monday, January 18, 2010

We are family.

Tonight we had a party, no, it wasn't any one's birthday, it was an anniversary of sorts. Four years ago today AB and AG came to live with us. Little did we know, they would be a permanent part of our family. Little did we know, we would fall in love with the woman that brought them into this world. Little did we know, not only would they become part of us but many others would join with us as well.
Tonight we celebrated, three very different families who share a common bond, that is our children, along with the woman who made this all possible. I know for a fact every parent there was blessed to be chosen, by God, to love these siblings. I am also blessed that our home gets to be "family central". We have more nieces and nephews now. EB and EG now have more cousins, aunts and uncles than they began with. Holidays became not only more complicated but more exciting. I love watching our newest members begin to integrate into this crazy, chaotic, comfortable enigma, we call family. I love to think about what we, as a whole, represent; everything good, everything forgiving, everything loving. Without question, without worry, without fear, we are family.

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