Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today, I had a helper.

As I sit here, my mind is blank. What did I do today, I know I was busy because I don't remember very much down time at all. My day was consumed with JB and JG. My two year old son enjoyed having me almost all to himself. He was my helper, "helping" do laundry, "helping" vacuum, "helping" clean the bathroom, "helping" lose his shoe, "helping" stay awake during nap time, "helping" make his sister fall over, you know, "that" kind of helping. Well, at least he had no fits today.
Yesterday, though, my passionate third son had a melt down all because I wouldn't open the sliding glass door. No, I was not making him stay outside for a punishment, nor was I being lazy and not wanting to get out of my chair. You see, not only is he my third son but he is my third "strong willed child". Don't get me wrong, I love the strong willed aspect of my children, most of the time. This day, he was outside wanting in, others attempted to open the door only to send the child reeling on an emotional water slide, you know, the super steep ones that once you start there is no turning back, you are fully committed to hurl your body down ten stories on a thin layer of water, but, I digress. JB, needs control as do the majority of 2 1/2 year olds, and he only wanted Mom to open the door, absolutely no one else would do. Now, with kids like JB, EB and AG,when you take a stand conflicting with the way they believe life should be, you must hold fast and firm, show no fear and win the battle. It is not so much being right or finishing on top as it is being consistent. These kids need consistency and will test and test and test to make sure the rules have not changed. I have to say, the most memorable moment of these hysterical hysterics was when he slid the door open so he could ask me to open the door in his nice sweet voice, when I said he could open it, he was back to the fit like he had never left it. Now, that is strong willed.
Today, though, he was a helper, and, tomorrow, he goes to school.

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